My First Semester at KSU

Hello Everyone!  Ever since I was little I always dreamed about visiting France and learning the language. My junior year of High School that dream started to turn into a reality. That was the first year I was officially allowed to take a French class. My teachers always told me I had a real talent in the language, mostly because I really wanted to be there. Unlike the other thirty students who just wanted the foreign language credits.

This semester was my first semester at University and I was devastated when my adviser said I couldn’t minor in french. I mean if I’m paying so much money to be there I should be allowed to take any class I want, right?   Well apparently not. After many advising appointments and with what felt like many hours on the phone my adviser told me I would have to switch my major. Apparently at my University if you are majoring in Early Childhood Education they won’t allow you to minor. (frustrating right?!) A few weeks ago I met with my new adviser, I changed my major to Integrated Language Arts which will certify me to teach grades 7 through 12. The more I think about this major the less interested I am. I love the idea of writing and helping students, but I honestly don’t think I would thrive in a classroom of thirty high school students who are sassy, rude, and hate school. So, I am starting my second semester as an integrated language arts major just to see if I like the set up and if its for me.

You would think the obvious answer would be to just major in French. (I mean duh) However, after countless hours of trying to find jobs of people who hire french majors I really wasn’t able to find anything. The most popular thing that popped up was Teacher, and translator. Which I’m not really sure if I’m interested in either of those things.  This is how I landed on Journalism, I love the idea of working with newspapers and online blogs, but I also love the idea of being able to minor in french and being more marketable to papers and broadcasting areas just because I am fluent in another language!

My main problem with not being able to find a major is that I want to explore all my options. Once I find something that I am passionate about I feel like I will be more inclined to stick with that major and not feel like I’m missing out on other opportunities.

If anything in this post made sense to you comment and tell me what you think!


All my Love,



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