Best Netflix Films + T.V. Shows

Hey Everyone!

So today I felt a little under the weather and I decided the best and easiest blog post to do today would be to talk to you about the best Netflix Films. Honestly if you haven’t seen these movies please please go watch them!

  1. Blue is the Warmest Color: The reason this movie is probably number one is because I watched it two or three days ago. This movie is a French coming of age story, its beautifully made and I just love it so much! The worst thing about it is it contains a lot and I mean a lot of nudity.
  2. Amelie: This movie started off very very strange, but once I got to the end I loved it so much! This is another french movie that really focuses on the colors and beautiful scenery. I’m not a film major and I cant really go into any more depth than that! (haha) But it is so good, with minimal talking. I definitely recommend it.
  3. Skin wars: This is an amazing T.V show that I binge watched a few weekends ago right before finals! It’s about world famous painters who use people as their canvases. I love it so much and it was something that I have never really seen before.
  4. Bob’s Burgers:I know what you’re thinking. This T.V. show is so dumb that it’s good. Its so funny and always something good to watch when there is either nothing else on, or when you need background noise to go with your twitter scrolling.
  5. Archer: If you like Bobs Burgers and the guy who voices Bob you will also love Archer. It’s the same kind of dry humor, with way better animation. Also a good thing to watch while procrastinating papers, presentations, or school work in general.

I hope you enjoyed reading my top 5 Netflix movies/tv shows. If you have watched any of these or love them as well please leave a like or a comment and let me know!

All my love,



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