How I survived Finals Week


First of many “blog photos” It’s not that good but I was actually really proud of it!

Hello All!

I want to talk about what I did to survive my first college finals week, and let me tell you, it was just as bad as all the “memes” suggested.

So, finals week basically starts the week before finals. All the professors assigned presentations, essays, and tests right before we took the actual finals. I was a mess for two weeks straight. Constant studying and reading, late nights in the library (or my room, since I’m a commuter. Haha) everything was driving my crazy. A few days before finals I sat myself down and did some meditation. It really really worked. It helped my clear my head space and it made me realize that these tests grades don’t mean everything. Most of the finals were worth only 20% of my grade, and none of my grades were low enough for a bad exam grade to fail the class.

Each night before my exams I would do a short 20 minute yoga routine, (check out Yoga With Adriene on YouTube she is fabulous!) before pulling out my books to study. I think it really helped me. I wasn’t as stressed and I walked into all of my exams with confidence (except math, who has confidence when it comes to math?) I even was able to pull a 100% on one of my essays.

I know college and even high school can be extremely stressful, but once you find something that works for you stick with it! Yoga is just my thing!

Do you guys want more? I couldn’t decide if I should just post one thing that got me through it or if I should do multiple? so an edit to this might be up later! Thanks for reading!

All my love,




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