Easy Christmas Party Ideas!


With Christmas right around the corner, 5 days to be exact, you are probably going to at least one or two Christmas parties. So, here are some super easy ideas to make your party the best of all!

  1. Set up a gift exchange! – Gift exchanges are super easy and super fun! You can put everyone’s names into a hat and  then pass the hat around the room. Then you put a limit on it! My friend group always puts a $15 price limit. We don’t want one person spending a lot and another spending nothing, so everyone spends exactly $15.
  2. Cookie Decorating- This is a fun and simple idea that I have never thought of before. I went to my friends party and she had all the icing and cookie dough already made. After that, we rolled out the dough and cut them into shapes. It was so much fun with almost no effort!
  3. Ugly Christmas sweater- Duh. This one is a no brainier, and its been on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. This year I decided I didn’t want to spend a million dollars on an ugly sweater and I decided to make one! It was super easy and around only $15! Even if you aren’t crafty it is still super easy!
  4.  Games! – There are so many Christmas related games, but at my party we just played typical board games like Apples to Apples, and our group favorite Twister.
  5. Watch a Christmas movie- This is an extra great idea if you and your girls decided to have a girls night! Pajamas and hot chocolate is the best combo for watching your favorite christmas movies!

Did you enjoy my list? If so please check out my other blog posts and give me a like or comment! Thanks everyone! 🙂


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