21 Day Self Portrait project

Hey Guys!

I have seen a lot of bloggers do the 21 day self portrait project, and I was thinking about trying it! I really thing doing a project like this will help my self confidence. Taking pictures of myself and learning to love my flaws is really something that I need to learn to embrace! God made me this way and I need to embrace it by 100%.

So, I’m thinking of posting 7 pictures per post. This project is going to take three weeks to complete and I’m going to post all pictures at the end of each week. I was planning on starting this challenge around the new Year (Jan 1), so the first week of pictures will be up January 8 ! I am very excited to start this. Some of the pictures will be of me, and some will be just pictures that I took that specific week!

I hope that my photography skills will improve as well as my overall self confidence in my self as well as my writing. I will also be posting updates on how I am feeling after under each picture! Kind of as an update on how I feel and kind of see if its helping my confidence in any way!


Do you guys like this idea? Do you have any suggestions of how I could do this better? Please let me know! : )





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