Being Content



Hey Everyone!

Today I spent most of the day inside, due to a stomach bug. I found myself lounging around most of the day watching Netflix or scrolling through a few blogs. When all the sudden I looked outside and I saw literally the most beautiful thing, the sunset! It was shocking to me, I mean I have seen pretty sunsets but this one seemed different.  It was so pretty that I of course had to take a few pictures!

While looking for the perfect twitter caption to my sunsets, because whats a picture without an amazing caption, I found this one by Victor Hugo.

“Le bonheur est parfois cache dans l’inconnu.” Which means Happiness is sometimes found in the unknown. I loved it because we don’t know what tomorrow is going to bring, but these beautiful sunsets almost seem like a little reminder from God that he has a plan, that he truly and 100% believes in us and everything we have to offer. This was so comforting to me.

I think the main reason that this was so comforting to me was because I have been so stressed about school, final grades, and mainly what I’m going to major in, that this was almost a sign that no matter what I chose I won’t be alone, and I will always have support from my family and from the Lord.






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