American Horror Story


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Hey Everyone!

So, I have been obsessed with American Horror Story since day one. It was never something that I thought I would be into but I really got hooked. So, today I decided that I would rate the seasons that I have seen so far! I have seen seasons one through five, mostly because that is all the seasons out on Netflix but still.


  1. COVEN(Third Season)- I cannot say enough about Coven, I love the characters I love the magic and the historic story line as well as the New Orleans setting just made the whole things amazing. Misty Day has to be my absolute favorite out of every AHS season. She is perfect and her love of animals made it so easy for me to relate to her. Coven.jpg
  2. Murder House(First Season)- This season was another one of my favorites. Almost tied with Coven. It was very fun to watch. The couple Tate and Violet really kept me going through this season. They were both so psychotic that they were obviously made for each other. murder-house
  3. Hotel(Fifth Season)- This was amazing. This season gave me a whole new appreciation for Lady Gaga, she is a wonderful actress. The whole cast of this season was amazing and I loved it so much! HOTE.jpg
  4. Asylum(Second Season)- The only reason that this season is rated as number 4 is because I liked the ending. Otherwise it would be number 5. I felt like everything was too jumpy and the story line was very very hard to follow until the very end. Asylum.jpg
  5. Freak Show(Fourth Season)- I really don’t know what to say about this season. I liked parts and didnt like parts and I’m really not sure if it should be left as my last pick. The only reason it is this far down in the list is because I know  I wouldn’t want to go back and watch it again.Freak Show.jpg

I am very very excited for season 6 to come out on Netflix. What are your opinions on season 6? Feel free to like or comment to let me know!




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