Update #400 probs.

Hey Guys!

It is the first Monday of my summer and overall it was quite boring. I wanted to apologize for not posting too much. I have been so busy with classes and what not that I honestly just forgot about this blog (tragic, I know.) Anyway, I will posting a lot more! I’m also really interested in maybe writing a play, or co-writing a play with someone. I know  it might sound weird.  I have just been thinking about it a lot lately and I think it would be a lot of fun. I’m obsessed with musicals and Broadway plays in general so I think it would be cool to write one. Even if it was just for fun! So if anyone is interested contact me!



Love always,



9:34 pm 5.8.17

It scares me how happy I could be,
How happy I used to be, 
And yet here I am
Still sad as can be.